Mastersingers Chorus, Greenwich CT

photography by Ellen Gribben Bornet

THE MASTERSINGERS is the new chorus that has been launched by Music Director, Pamela Kuhn in Greenwich, CT. Dedicated singers from the Tri State area of New York, Connecticut and New Jersey are invited to join. The chorus promises to retain the highest level of music preparation with skilled performances.


Known for her extraordinary programming prowess, Pamela Kuhn will combine repertoire including classical masterpieces, jazz, world music, gospel and contemporary composer showcases. The Mastersingers is establishing a new level of connection between singers, the audience and the community with thematic and theatrical performance art.


Miss Kuhn brings a profound positive energy to rehearsals and performances while lending her vast vocal knowledge to all members. Comprehensive vocal training will be integrated into all rehearsals.


Join the NEW chorus that is making a dramatic statement in the musical world. Fulfill your own passion and take the challenge!